Reflexion of a leaf

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. … Green, as opposed to red, means safety; it is the color of free passage in road traffic. (According to google search)

Incorporating this into what we go through and how to overcome every moment of our lives.


Me getting up in the morning and opening the door, dedicate time to myself, and look at the beauty of the horizon no matter where I am.

But suddenly, a couple of days ago, I understood what happens in our lives, and I was able to associate what was around me, as in this picture, being around all the leaves and grasses of the valley while on a motorcycle ride.


I ask? What does the color green mean spiritually?

The Meaning Spiritually Affects our ability to express unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. …

Green represents abundance, renewal, growth, and nature. It is a harmonizing, balancing, and calming color. Green is a healing color that gives healing energy to the heart.

Now let me explain a little about the leaf and photosynthesis: Photosynthesis is the process in leaves where the sun, light, water, carbon dioxide that comes from water are converted into oxygen and food. Now, you might say, but what does a leaf have to do with a human being?

Easy explanation: If we as human beings absorb the calmness that leaves surrounding us provide us and learn from them, we will become people who will contribute a lot to this world.

Let me explain:

We are the leaf. And the problems, the arguments, the toxic relationships in which we do not know how to get out of, the verbal abuse, the blows that nobody mentions when they leave the door of their home, the betrayals of loved ones, the humiliations, the unhappiness of marriages, the feeling when the record button on the cell phone ends and they feel that emptiness that nobody can explain, etc.

All that and more is the rain, the hurricane winds, the winters, the sun at high temperatures that the leaves have to withstand every day. I compare them to us as human beings.

Even though we trample them, sometimes we tear them off, they go through days of rain, weeks of sunshine in superhuman temperatures... They decide to convert everything they receive into oxygen and food. Isn't that a wonderful lesson?

If we decide to convert everything that happens to us into oxygen and breathe, we will have what is needed to burn the fuel [sugars and fatty acids] in our cells to produce energy.

When we managed to turn the difficulties of a day into fuel to produce energy and be more positive, and we make an effort to spend a little more time knowing what we have around us, it offers us help and lessons to live better day by day and lead a longer life.

Anxiety, worries, insomnia, and other conditions will reduce.

Let’s look at this tree and look at its leaves and look at the trunk.

A great example of how we should be in the midst of a situation: Bend but never break, and if we do break, we make sure we continue growing.

This tree is not concerned with what any hurricane wind might bring, or if today will be a rainy day all this tree worries about it to stand tall in the midst of it all, and we should not worry about how many disappointments, how many tears, bitter days we pass; We must never stop dreaming,

Never stop looking beautiful, planning, being unique, and, most important thing BEING ALIVE. We turn the negative into oxygen and into mental food for us to live a better life.

Let's learn from what happens to us every day. Let's take time to meditate, to pray, to think about how tomorrow can be a better day; while we are still looking beautiful and green like the leaves that surround us every single day.

Mitzy Coreano


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