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Conscious is defined as, at its simplest, a "sentience or awareness of internal or external existence." Being aware of this allows you to see things in a different mindset.

Sometimes when you love someone, like a son, a mother, friend, family member, husband, etc., these people will hurt you with words or actions. I have learned that people hurt others because they are hurting inside, and we must respond with empathy and place LIMITS WITH LOVE.

Even if these actions are done unintentionally, this still triggers pain. From that pain, tears end up rolling down one's eyes, and that's okay because crying is a natural response humans have to a range of emotions, including sadness, grief, joy, and frustration.

Crying provides Self-soothing when people:

  • Regulate their own emotions

  • Calm themselves

  • Reduce their own distress

A 2014 study found that crying may have a direct, self-soothing effect on people. The study explained how crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which helps people relax.

It helps to relieve pain.

Research has found that in addition to being self-soothing, shedding emotional tears releases oxytocin and endorphins.

These chemicals make people feel good and may also ease both physical and emotional pain. In this way, crying can help reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being.

I have had many moments like this. Today I see things in a different light. But because I have endured pain and I know what It is to hurt, I have become very empathetic to people's pain, and I know how to control my emotions and understand that I cannot control people's actions decisions. The only person that I can control is me. We control our emotions, and we choose how we will react when a loved one acts in a hurtful way.

I was a person that would constantly blame others for everything and would not take responsibility for my actions, and I allowed people to treat me any which way they wanted. Once I decided to learn how to say NO (with love) and to place consequences on actions done and set limits with love, my life and stress level started to decrease to a minimum.

Sometimes we allow others to stress us out to the point that we feel as if we are going to pass out; we feel we can't breathe, the heartbreak is to the point that life is not worth it (for those immediate moments). The next day you do not want to get out of bed; you feel dragging and feel like your whole world is coming to an end. I felt this way many times in my life, but I placed others in front of me. I had to learn to love myself, and that was not something that I learned by myself. I had to buy emotional intelligence courses to learn to love myself, say no, and handle stress.

If someone yells, say, "they are yelling," "they are not yelling at me because I do not accept yelling." If you are asked to do a task at work in a disruptive tone of voice, don't make it about you; think, well, maybe he/she is having a bad day. Just listen to the task and make sure that your response is subtle and possibly ask, "are you having a bad day?" "are you okay?" let others know that you will not allow anyone to disrupt your peace. This is what I do in my home. When anything happens, I re-direct and place boundaries, consequences with love.

Go ahead and Cry a river is you must, as long as you can look up and see the light shining bright the next day and know & accept that certain things need to move and shift to allow for new things to come... this is in all aspects of life.

Let’s be real and understand that not everything in this world is perfect and that we are not perfect either. If the circumstances ever lead us to have to cry... Then go ahead and do so (it will make you feel better, believe me)

My philosophy is... "I prefer to cry and let all my emotions out," this way, my heart and soul are not heavy. When we shut down our feelings, and we suppress what we feel, it eats us up inside, and we become nasty, cruel, and at times evil.

Every second that we spend is a second that we will NEVER experience again.
You choose how you want to spend it.
Life is a sequence of many minuscule moments that will never be re-lived again.
"I choose to love myself. What do you choose to do?"
It is okay to have people; things, situations, circumstances walk out of our lives in exchange for peace.
Write your goals down.
Live knowing that memories and yourself are all you will have in your blessed Golden Years!
Transparency and accountability are the keys to a better life...
How will YOU choose to live this moment? RIGHT NOW think about it!

(M. Coreano)


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