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Updated: May 15

Yes…this is the beautiful view I get to see even while lying down. What else can one ask for? And I got a plain bagel from a security guard here for tomorrow morning 🥰!

Today, I’m very Ill. I have nausea, chills, chest pain, headache, and I feel as if I would pass out. Still, I did my online class from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Yes, I have one tablet and my dinosaur computer, but I love the big screen, so by the time one is buffering (my small tablet), I will read on the other one 😂.

Having covid-19 has changed me, but for the better. I have learned to grasp every second life offers and to appreciate everyone. This morning was a bit stressful. I had phone calls, appointments that broke, people being disrespectful and rude, but thru it all, "I breathed" and didn’t allow it to hinder my heart for more than just a few minutes. Why? Because death can knock at our doors at any time, anywhere, and at any moment; so why would "I want" to spend a second in a situation, conversation, a news channel, a movie, a text, a social media post, etc... that will consume my peace? No…."I Choose" to encounter the issue and discard it when possible because one day we can be well and running, and another day we have to lay in a bed because we can’t get up because our body’s immune system prevents it. So what do you have then?

You have the fun times you had, the good you have done, and the hope and strength to get up as soon as you can and start over. So, as soon as this Tylenol kicks in…… Mitzy will take a HOT bath (then a cool one), then a shower, of course,🤒🤕😌 and start all over again. Positive quote of the day “Meanwhile I have a mind that works, a heart that pumps blood and joy in my heart, and the joy for the little things in life given. Nothing will stop me from going forward and trying again. I WILL make it to my next journey…” ( M. Coreano)

Yes, this is where we study every day.

Mitzy Coreano



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